Service Conditions

These Service Conditions and any Addendums or supplements supersede any and all previous Service Conditions and other prior statements concerning the rates and conditions of Freight Solved LLC service to which it applies. Freight Solved reserves the right to unilaterally modify, amend or supplement the rates, features of service, services, Tariff, and Terms and Conditions in this Service Guide applicable to all customers without notice. All modifications, amendments or supplements may only be authorized by an officer of Freight Solved LLC, but no other agent or employee of Freight Solved LLC, nor any other person or party, is authorized to do so. The following conditions will apply to all shipments tendered to us for transportation:

Rate Quotations
Rates and service quotations by our employees and agents will be based upon information provided by you, but final rates and service may vary based upon the shipment actually tendered and the application of these Service Conditions. We will not be liable for, nor will any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made as a result of, any discrepancy in the rate or service quotation made prior to the actual invoice, unless the rate or service applied at the time of original invoicing is inconsistent with the shipment actually tendered.
Supporting Documentation
It is the shipper’s responsibility to tender along with each shipment all supporting documentation needed for clearance abroad. Freight Solved LLC shall clear clients’ goods on receipt of the required documents and specific instructions to effect the clearance. Client warrants the accuracy of documents submitted clearance purposes and shall be responsible for any consequences resulting from false declarations, including any customs duties, taxes, fines, delays demurrage costs and penalties arising thereof.

Freight Solved LLC does not accept responsibility and shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any variations of exchange rates, tarifs, taxes or levies by any authority.

Inspection of Shipment & Consent to Screen
Freight Solved LLC may inspect any shipment, including the opening of packages and containers, to determine the adequacy of packing, or the existence and/or extent of damage, or the accuracy of the description of the contents, or the acceptability of the shipment for transportation. We reserve the right to open and inspect any package tendered to us for transportation.
Shipper's Consent to Screen Air Cargo

The Transportation Security Administration recently updated its Air Cargo Security Programs and included a new requirement related to the 9/11 Commission Act regarding air cargo screening requirements. Pursuant to TSA regulations published in 49 C.F.R. § 1548.9(b), the new program requires that Indirect Air Carriers obtain a shipper’s consent to screen its air cargo prior to accepting cargo for air transportation.

[ Click for more details, to Consent and generate form ]

Packing and Marking

Shipments must be packed in such a way so as to ensure safe transportation to an international destination with ordinary care in handling and so as not to injure persons or damage any property. Each package shall be legibly and durably marked with the name and full address of shipper and consignee, and the marks and numbers appearing on the shipper’s letter of instruction. All shipments, regardless of the content or value, must be properly packed and legibly marked so as to ensure the safe transportation of the shipment, and in compliance with any and all state, federal, or international laws. No consideration will be given to claims made from damage arising from improper or insufficient packaging of the cargo tendered for transportation.

Refusal of Shipment

Freight Solved LLC reserves the right to refuse any shipment, which by reason of the dangerous or any other character of its contents is liable in our judgment to soil, taint, or otherwise damage other merchandise or equipment, or which is economically or operationally impracticable to transport, or which is improperly packed or wrapped; or it is prohibited by any local, state, federal or international laws.

Limitations in liability & Insurance

Regardless of any declared value for transportation, the liability of Freight Solved LLC shall be limited to US $100.00 (Dollars) per shipment for incidents including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, non-delivery, misinformation, any failure to provide information, or mis-delivery of information, or otherwise adversely affected, while shipment is in our possession or during pick-up and delivery.


Exposure to and risk of any loss in excess of the maximum liability is either assumed by the shipper or transferred by the shipper to an insurance carrier through the purchase of an insurance policy. You should contact Freight Solved LLC if you wish to have a policy issued through a third party insurance company in connection with any shipment. When instructed to arrange insurance coverage by customer, Freight Solved LLC shall do so on behalf of the customer acting as an agent.

By tendering your shipment for transportation, you acknowledge that you are aware of our Limitations of Liability and Insurance provisions. This act also constitutes an automatic waiver of insurance coverage unless specifically requested by you for a particular shipment.

Collect Shipments

If authorized by Freight Solved LLC to ship packages “collect”, using the COLLECT service option, shipper agrees to pay all additional charges and surcharges related to shipment other than the base package charges. Shipper agrees to ship packages collect only to consignees authorized by Freight Solved LLC to receive collect shipments.

Shipper further agrees to pay all applicable transportation charges if a package is shipped to an unauthorized consignee or if an authorized consignee refuses to accept delivery of a collect shipment. REGARDLESS OF ANY PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CONTRARY, THE SHIPPER IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF SHIPPING CHARGES, ACCESSORIAL CHARGES, DUTIES, TAXES AND ANY OTHER CLEARANCE CHARGE APPLICABLE TO THE SHIPMENT IF THE FINAL CONSIGNEE REFUSES PAYMENT.

Warranties - Unclaimed Items

We make no warranties, express or implied, and expressly disclaim any and all warranties.

ORMD (DG) & Unknowns (Sin Destino)
Our policy for UNKNOWNS and ORMD packages (containing HAZMAT or Dangerous Goods) is 30 days for HOLDS.


In addition to the above, Freight Solved accepts no responsibility for items arriving at our facility without the minimum identification which includes the customer ACCOUNT NUMBER and DESTINATION CODE signed by the destination agent. Any errors or problems including loss, arising from items that arrive improperly addressed will be the responsibility of the customer and/or the destination agents. We will help coordinate the recovery of misrouted items but, in the case of UNKNOWN shipments that arrive without the proper identification, the cost will have to be covered by the customer and/or agent abroad.

Interruption of Service

We shall not be liable for any interruption of service due to a cause beyond our control including, but not limited to airline delays, flight cancellation and climatic conditions, or to strikes, lockouts, or labor disputes.

Shipper's Right to Stop Delivery

Shipper may stop delivery of a shipment in the possession of Freight Solved LLC provided shippers gives Freight Solved LLC timely notification so as to enable Freight Solved LLC by reasonable diligence to prevent delivery. After such notification Freight Solved LLC will hold the shipment according to the directions of shipper and shipper shall be liable to Freight Solved LLC for any charges, fees, or damages.

Failure of Consignee to Take Delivery

If consignee refuses to take or accept delivery of a shipment, or if Freight Solved LLC is unable to locate or find consignee, Freight Solved LLC shall notify shipper and request instructions as to the disposition of the shipment. Shipper shall pay all charges, fees and expenses resulting from or in connection with failure of consignee to take delivery of the shipments including, but not limited to, transportation charges incurred in returning the shipment.

If shipper fails to provide instructions, Freight Solved LLC may claim a lien on the shipments for all unpaid charges and fees in accordance to the rules contained in Lien on shipments.

Lien on Shipment

Freight Solved LLC shall have a lien on any shipment/s, so long as the shipment/s remain in its possession, for all amounts due to Freight Solved LLC in connection with any shipment or service rendered. Freight Solved LLC lien may be enforced by public or private sale of the shipment/s, as whole or in parcels, at any time or place and in any terms, which are commercially reasonable, after notifying all persons known to Freight Solved LLC as claiming any interest in the shipment. Before any sale, a person claiming right in the shipments may pay the amount necessary to satisfy the lien and the reasonable expenses incurred in its enforcement.

Freight Solved LLC may satisfy its lien from the proceeds of any sale and shall hold the balance, if any, or delivery on demand to the person entitled thereto. A Sale of any shipment pursuant to this Condition shall not discharge the shipper or consignee from any liability.


Receipt of the shipment by the consignee or by any person entitled thereto without written notification of damage, destruction, or partial loss on the air waybill shall be prima-facie evidence that the entire shipment was delivered in good condition and in accordance with the waybill. In case of damage or loss in part or total, the claimant must file a complaint in writing with Freight Solved LLC either upon the air waybill or by separate notice forthwith after the discovery of the damage and no latter that seven (7) days after the delivery of the shipment to the consignee or to any person entitled thereto, including a destination agent or any intermediary party.

As used herein, damage includes injury or other harm to the condition or value of the shipment, destruction of the shipment rendering it valueless or a partial loss of shortage on the number of pieces in the shipment or in the weight of the shipment. A claim for reimbursement shall contain at least the following information: A description of the goods, the air waybill number, the nature and/or extent of damage, and the amount of the claim, together with proof of value and any/all original documents. Upon receipt of any complaint, Freight Solved LLC shall have the right to make an immediate inspection of the shipment.

The shipment, its container(s) and packing material, must be made available for Freight Solved LLC inspection at the delivery location shown on the air waybill thirty (30) days after the filing of any complaint for damages. No claim of reimbursement for damage or loss will be considered by Freight Solved LLC until all transportation charges thereon have been paid. The amount of the claim(s) may not be deducted from the transportation charges. If the claimant fails to make a complaint within the time required no action should lie against Freight Solved LLC.

Payment & Method of Payment

Payment to Freight Solved LLC is due against invoicing. Freight Solved LLC Corp is entitled to collect its dues on the goods at the time of delivery. Freight Solved LLC is not allowed to advance taxes, customs duties or freights in favour of third parties, unless clear instructions have been given by the customer in favor of third parties as the consignee, etc. Should the consignee refuse to pay these taxes, duties, charges or freights, the customer remains liable against Freight Solved LLC In the case of such instructions from consignee, the customer can be held responsible for these taxes, duties, charges or freights.

Acceptable methods of payment are: company check, money order, PayPal, credit card (MasterCard, VISA & American Express), charge to a valid Freight Solved LLC Account in good credit standing, and cash. Payment by electronic (wire) funds transfer is available only by prior agreement. Freight Solved LLC does not accept counter or bank checks or third-party checks.

Shipper's Letter of Instruction
Shipper shall complete or have completed on shipper’s behalf, shipping and forwarding instructions (“Shipper’s Letter of Instruction”) containing all necessary information, which shall be delivered via fax, E-mail, or in person within twenty-four hours, of delivery time of the actual shipment. Freight Solved LLC will prepare the shipping documents from the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction. Transportation charges and other accessorial charges, insofar as they have been ascertained, will be inserted by Freight Solved LLC on the airbill prior to invoicing.

The Letter of Instructions must contain the following

  • kind of merchandise and description of classification (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • value of the goods, if necessary and required
  • type of packing with contents, numbers, quantity and weight (gross/net) of packages
  • adresses of shipper/consignee
  • place of receipt/delivery
  • instructions and conditions in respect of shipment, method of transportation (sea / air road / express / group / break-bulk / containerized cargo, etc.)
  • special instructions in respect of customs clearance, issue of documents, etc.In absence of clear express instructions, Freight Solved LLC is entrusted to organize the transport order by selecting the most appropriate means and mode of transport. In the case of verbally given transport orders, these must be confirmed by letter, telex or fax. It is the responsibility of the shipper to transmit this information correct and complete. It is not the obligation of Freight Solved LLC to check the given information. In the case of discrepancies, Freight Solved LLC will inform the shipper, principal or client in order to clarify the problem.Freight Solved LLC shall elect, at its own discretion, to accept the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction. instructions. There is no legal obligation.

Shippers are responsible for protecting their perishable goods shipments to survive up to ninety-six (96) hours in transit. Perishable goods shipments will not be accepted the day prior to a holiday.

Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods

Hazardous materials as defined in the Department of Transportation Regulations contained in Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations and Dangerous goods as defined in the Dangerous Goods Regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association. Dangerous goods must be tendered by shipper as separate shipments with documents clearly indicating the contents. No service will be provided for packages not properly prepared in accordance with D.O.T. regulations and IATA requirements. Hazardous material packages found in our system not properly prepared in accordance with D.O.T. regulations and IATA requirements will be held for customer pickup. If the shipper refuses to pick up or make other arrangements for delivery acceptable to us, the shipper will reimburse Freight Solved LLC for all costs and fees of any type connected with the legal disposal of the shipment.All packages containing hazardous materials must be properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labeled and in proper condition for transportation according to applicable regulations. Freight Solved LLC accepts only certain hazardous materials. Please call for complete details and to make arrangements.

Prohibited Hazardous Materials

Freight Solved LLC cannot accept or ship the following hazardous materials:
Class 1.1 Explosives (Explosive 1.1)
Class 1.2 Explosives (Explosive 1.2)
Class 1.3 Explosives (Explosive 1.3)
Class 1.5 Very Insensitive Explosives (Explosive 1.5)
Class 2.3 Poisonous Gas
Class 4.2 Spontaneously Combustible Material
Class 4.32 Dangerous When Wet Material
Class 6.1 Poisonous Materials (labeled as PG I and PG II, inhalation hazard)
Class 6.12 Poisonous Materials (labeled as PG I, PG II and PG III, other than inhalation hazard)
Class 6.2 Infectious Substances
Class 7 Radioactive Material II and III (labeled as Radioactive Yellow II and III) In addition, Freight Solved LLC does not handle any mixture, solution or material identified as: A reportable quantity of a hazardous substance.
Hazardous waste.
A biohazard, such as blood, urine, fluids and other noninfectious diagnostic specimens.

Unacceptable Commodities

Freight Solved LLC will not accept the following items for transportation: Currency, Human Remains, drugs prohibited by law, jewelry, precious metals, Firearms and Ammunition, Alcohol, Tobacco and tobacco products and hazardous materials, that are prohibited under the Department of Transportation regulations contained in title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or which are prohibited under the dangerous goods regulations issued by the INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA).

Single Piece Size and Weight

Maximum sizes vary by carrier and/or by destination; however, as a general rule, any single piece that exceeds any of the following dimensions: length 125 inches, width 96 inches, and height 64 inches, and whose shape renders it impossible to load within an appropriate carrier unit load device, will have the applicable carrier charge for handling such a piece as a minimum charge.However, Freight Solved LLC will accept oversize shipments subject to:
1) Advance notification of at least twenty-four (24) hours.
2) Availability of suitable aircraft to final destination equipped to handle such pieces.
3) Acceptance by shipper of extra charges assessed by the carrier(s).For Express or Door to Door service, or when Customs Clearance is involved, the following additional conditions will apply:

  • Customs Clearance Abroad

The shipper must provide Freight Solved LLC with the proper documentation for clearance abroad (i.e., commercial invoice, pro-forma invoice, certificate of origin, etc.). Proper completion of documentation and complete description is the shipper’s responsibility. If the shipment is held by Customs abroad, or any other regulatory agency due to incorrect or missing documentation, we will advise the shipper.If the shipper fails to provide us with the correct documentation we will at our discretion after a reasonable time consider the shipment undeliverable, and initiate return procedures at the shipper’s expense if allowed by local Customs and/or local regulatory agencies. In this instance the shipper shall be liable for any charges incurred by Freight Solved LLC including but not limited to storage, fines, penalties, return transportation, disposal fees, additional paperwork, and Freight Solved LLC may claim a lien on a shipment for all unpaid charges and fees. Because of the nature and/or high value of some materials or shipments and/or local Customs and/or local agency regulations a) the clearance of these materials may not be expedited by us, they must be cleared by the final consignee. In these cases Customs paperwork will be delivered to the final consignee, its designated broker or agent; and in this instance delivery of paperwork constitutes shipment delivery; b) we may be required to advance on your behalf certain duties and taxes assessed by Customs officials.For all shipments except those known as “free-domicile” shipments we may contact the recipient before Customs clearance is complete to confirm the arrangement for reimbursement of amounts being advanced. In our sole discretion, we may require confirmation of reimbursement of arrangements as a condition to completion clearance and delivery including, but not limited to, cases of deliveries to recipients that we believe are not creditworthy, and of shipments with high-declared values.

  • Duties, taxes and other charges

All clearance charges will be billed to the final consignee unless otherwise specified. In our sole discretion, we may require confirmation of reimbursement arrangements as a condition to completion of clearance and delivery. REGARDLESS OF ANY PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CONTRARY, THE SHIPPER IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF DUTIES. TAXES AND ANY OTHER CLEARANCE CHARGE APPLICABLE TO THE SHIPMENT IF THE FINAL CONSIGNEE REFUSES PAYMENT. Invoices for duties, taxes and any other clearance charges are payable immediately upon receipt.

  • Free-Domicile Shipments

All clearance charges on “free-domicile” shipments will be billed directly to the shipper, provided that:
a) That shipper contacts us prior to tendering the shipment for transportation.
b) The shipper is believed by us to be creditworthy.
c) Local Customs and/or any local regulatory agency will allow for us to expedite clearance in the behalf of the final consignee.

  • Proof of Delivery

When requested by the shipper, verbal confirmation of delivery (date, time and name of person who signed for the shipment) is available free of charge 24-hours after delivery to main cities and 48/72-hours after delivery to second and third cities. When requested by the shipper within six (6) months of the shipping date, a photo static copy of the delivery record will at our option, be made available for an additional charge of $5.00 each.

Dimensional Weight

Freight Solved LLC reserves the right to assess transportation charges based on volumetric standards. Dimensional weight pricing is applicable on all shipments. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying length by width by height of each package (all in inches) and dividing by 166. The dimensional weight of each package in the shipment is added, and the total dimensional weight of the shipment is then compared to the actual weight of the shipment. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, transportation charges for the shipment are based on the dimensional weight.Weight and size restrictions (Express Door to Door Service only)No shipments will be accepted for transportation under our Express Door to Door service if each piece exceeds 70 pounds and/or dimensions 20″ x 20″ X 40″.